Migraine Therapy
Hot / Cold Solution
Why Clicking it 4 heat Works -

Migraines are caused by the expansion of blood vessels in the head, causing pressure on nerves, usually in the temple area. Placing your feet on the correct 130 degree heat expands the vessels in the lower extremities, while placing a cold Click-It therapy pack on the back of the neck, or the temple, helps constrict those vessels. The combination helps blood move from the painfully expanded vessels in the head to the feet.

Why Click-It Therapy is Best -

The safe sodium acetate solution in all of our Click-It therapy products are designed to reach the correct 130 degree temperature to provide deep heat into the muscles while safely protecting ones delicate skin. The sodium acetate solution also provides a cool, almost ice solution to constrict blood vessels to decrease swelling in afflicted areas. However the solution stays just above the temperature of ice, therefore once again protecting ones skin while remaining completely flexible. This flexibility makes it the perfect item for wrapping around any body part to include the head, neck, feet, wrist, elbow, knee or back.


Place a hot Click-It moist therapy pack over your feet or under your feet if it is more comfortable. The temperature is a safe 130 degrees and will not burn your skin. You can also wrap the Click-It hot pack around your feet.

Place a cold Click-It shoulder unit around the back of your neck wrapping the base of your spine. Stay like this for 15 – 20 minutes. Keep the room as dark as possible if you’re bothered by bright lights.

Healthy Facts - Click it 4 Heat and store it for cold!


Migraine pain has been described as one of the worst pains anyone can suffer. Treating a migraine as soon as it starts is key to keeping them from escalating into a full blown excruciating headache.

The following steps work for many migraine sufferers. 
It's medication free, cost effective, and simple.

While this method works extremely well for many sufferers, it does not work for all. However, it is worth a try; you may be one of the lucky ones that can head off a full blown migraine attack with heat and cold.

Things You Will Need - 

One shoulder Click-It and one back Click - It.

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Click It 4 heat, Click It 2 heat, Click It hot packs for migraine therapy Hot and cold use. Use click it 4 heat for migraine pain. Migraine sufferers should use click it 2 heat hot packs to stop the pain and aches.
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