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Free Sleep Well Hypnosis - audio / CD / MP3
This hypnosis program contains a deeply relaxing induction in which you are able to release any and all tension throughout your body from your scalp down to your toes. The positive soothing images facilitates release of serotonin and melotonin into your body and aids in the ability to move into both Delta (rapid eye movement sleep) and Theta brain wave patterns (deep sleep).

Free Cancer Hypnosis - 
Composure and Living in the Present  audio / CD / MP3

This program offers the listener to detach on an emotional level when speaking to colleagues, friends and family members about their condition.  The suggestions include the listener the ability to remain calm and peaceful by living in the present moment, therefor not being bothered by past events, diagnosis or regrets. The program continues in introducing the suggestion to remain calm about future events to include tests, procedures or financial concerns.  The listener will receive powerful imagery and reinforcement in knowing that they are secure and all their present moment needs have been met.  
Free Agoraphobia Hypnosis - audio / CD / MP3

Agoraphobia(Anxiety Disorder)The term agoraphobia has been widely misunderstood. Its literal definition suggests a fear of "open spaces". However, this is an incomplete and misleading view. Agoraphobics are not necessarily afraid of open spaces. Rather, they are afraid of having panicky feelings, wherever these fearful feelings may occur. For many, they happen at home, in houses of worship, or in crowded supermarkets, places that are certainly not "open". In fact, agoraphobia is a condition which develops when a person begins to avoid spaces or situations associated with anxiety. Typical "phobic situations" might include driving, shopping, crowded places, traveling, standing in line, being alone, meetings and social gatherings. 

This hypnosis program effectively allows the user to release feelings of panic by invoking them with a powerful "shield" technique.  This shield can be called upon at anytime and in any location to offer the user feelings of a quite strength.

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Free Alcohol Cessation Hypnosis - Three part series audio / CD / MP3

These hypnosis programs contain deeply relaxing inductions aiding you in relaxation and increasing suggestability.  Each program contains many different highly effective suggestions to facilitate the release of unwanted associations, labels and habits associated with alcohol.

Hypnosis Today highly recommends using this program with any and all other therapy options.  Hypnosis is not a replacement for seeking out additional behavioral, psychological and emotional therapy.  

Free Compulsive Spending Cessation Hypnosis - audio / CD / MP3

Compulsive spending is a serious problem and can be an addiction for some.  It is characterized by the need to purchase items even when one does not need or even want an item.  "Shopaholics" purchase when they are feeling down, depressed, angry or just plain unengaged with life.  In shopping they may receive a temporary high similiar to alcoholics or drug addicts.  However, like any addiction the high is not without its price and can plummet those affected and even whole families into mountains of debt.  Shopping addiction tends to affect women more than men.  This compulsive disorder often leads to an every growing accumulation of things in which are never used.  "Shopaholics" may even find themselves "blacking out" from the experience and will deny to friends and family members that they have a problem.  Persons affected with compulsive spending should be handled with love and respect for they have a true addiction.  

The hypnosis program engages the subconscious mind to actively initiate a "question response" when the listener is engaged in a shopping experience.  By actively engaging the "question response" of need versus desire the listener is able to turn away and turn down any impulse purchases.
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Free Cancer Hypnosis - 
New Health & Discomfort Relief  audio / CD / MP3

This hypnosis program enables the listener to relax and release positive life health enforcing hormones such as serotonin, melotonin, DHEA and Human Growth Hormone while lowering heart rate, respiration and cortisol levels.  Through powerful and peaceful imagery the listener is able to release unwanted health issues while invoking the body's natural program to repair and mend itself back into a healthy state.

Free Agoraphobia Hypnosis