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Part 1: Alcohol Cessation
Remove Reasons to drink
Part 2: Alcohol Cessation
Removing Associations
Part 3: Emotional Freedom
Using E.F.T.
Quit Alcohol Addiction - Free hypnosis download / audio / MP3
Suggestions on use:  In order to receive the powerful suggestions it is necessary to allow yourself to relax and allow your mind to drift with the music or wander at will.  For hypnosis to be effective it is necessary to allow your mind to take in the information without effort, therefore do not attempt to follow along with the dialogue.  

Hypnosis Today highly recommends using this program with any and all other therapy options.  Hypnosis is not a replacement for seeking out additional behavioral, psychological, and emotional therapy.  Download the first hypnosis session and listen to it while going to bed each night for a week.  After listening for a week download the second and continue with this program for an additional week.  Then continue with the third download.

Warning:  Do NOT listen to the program while operating heavy machinery or while operating a vehicle. 

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Removing Reasons to Drink 
Free audio download for alcohol cessation part 1 - 

This hypnosis program contains powerful and effective suggestions to aide in the rehabilitation of the substance user by assisting in the removal of the main reasons alcoholics drink to include self defeating behavior.  This is part 1 in the three part substance abuse / alcohol cessation hypnosis program. 
Removing Associations
Free hypnosis download for alcohol cessation part 2 - 

The Removing Associations program  instructs the subconscious to modify ones personal concepts, ideas and labels about themself.  This program provides you the capability to re-write all negative and self defeating labels you have learned and accepted about yourself from others and past mistakes.  Given a new chance at creating who you want to be and how others view you, you are now able to live life creating and recreating each and everyday the healthy person you choose to be.

Emotional Freedom from Alcohol Addiction using E.F.T
Free hypnosis download for alcohol cessation part 3 - 

This program incorporates the emotional freedom technique with removing unwanted thoughts in association with alcohol or any unwanted emotion.  Before listening to this session it is imperative that you understand the Emotional Freedom Technique so that you may apply it into your daily practice.  

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body's subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues.  For FREE step by step instructions and more information on the Emotional Freedom Technique R visit

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Self-Help 
How to Stop Drinking and Start Recovery - 
Step 1: Commit to stop drinking
Step 2: Set Goals and Prepare for Change.
Step 3: Get Sober Safely

Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Self-Help 
How to Stop Drinking and Start Recovery - 
Step 4: Find New Meaning in Life
Step 5: Plan for triggers and cravings
Step 6: Get Support
Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Self-Help 
How to Stop Drinking and Start Recovery - 

Step 7: Get Started on Treatment

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